Instructor of Robotics

Dublin City University

Jun 2019 – Jul 2019 Dublin, Ireland
Instructor of Robotics at Centre for Talented Youth Ireland (CTYI). Designed and conducted a robotics course for high school students and guided them in the field of robotics.

Assistant Lecturer/Senior Demonstrator

Technological University Dublin

Sep 2017 – Jun 2021 Dublin, Ireland

Conducted labs and tutored students in the School of Computer Science and the School of Engineering.

Subjects: Machine Learning, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Databases, Forensics, Mobile Robotics.


Technical Advisor

Cyanodoc Healthcare

Nov 2015 – Feb 2020 Goa, India

Designed the web application architecture of the doctor’s appointment system and deployed it using Amazon AWS.

Advised on the development of the Android and iOS apps of patient’s and doctor’s user interface.

Advised on the design of the differential diagnosis system using Bayes’ theorem for endocrine diseases.

Consulted with medical experts to improve the differential diagnosis system by optimizing the probabilities of the symptoms manifesting due to the presence of a disease.


Product Architect


Apr 2015 – Jul 2017 Goa, India

Designed and manufactured wireless sensor nodes or motes and a border router using Atmel’s Atmega128RFA1 microcontroller that includes a wireless transceiver onboard compliant with IEEE 802.15.4 stack and 6LowPAN protocol with mesh connectivity for home automation. Ported Contiki OS on the mote.

Integrated smart home sensors and electric switching capability with the motes.

Designed a communication protocol on MQTT running on Contiki OS on the mote to enable communication between motes and the broker on AWS IoT Core. Designed an Android application to view the sensor and switch data and send instructions to the motes.


Project Assistant

National Institute of Oceanography

Nov 2010 – Jul 2014 Goa, India

Developed and maintained two robots (i) Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV-MAYA) and (ii) Autonomous Vertical Profiler (AVP), at Marine Instrumentation Division. Participated in field trials of AUV-MAYA and AVP.

Improved the wireless communication of AUV-MAYA by modifying communication protocol on TCP/IP.

Developed a Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) Simulator for AUV-MAYA.

Developed a satellite communication portal for communication between AVPs deployed in remote locations (with no Wi-Fi or mobile network) and the servers located in the lab, to transmit the status and data of the AVPs and display their status on the website.

Developed graphical user interfaces on Windows and Android for AUV-MAYA and AVP to perform their missions.

Developed a mission planner for AUV-MAYA that allowed the operator to plan mission paths for AUV-MAYA on Google Earth and converted them into mission files to be uploaded on AUV-MAYA.


Freelance Developer

Freelance Development

Sep 2010 – Jul 2017 India

Developed websites with content management system (CMS) for Open Source Drug Discovery, Bangalore, India, and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Goa, India.

Designed a social media device that integrates social media with the table clock running Android OS on BeagleBone Black Single Board Computer (SBC) to employ its hardware capabilities necessary for the social media device.

Developed a program for the Raspberry Pi to enable the developer from developing applications on Raspberry Pi without any hardware or programming knowledge.

Conducted tutorials on CUDA programming at Goa Engineering College, Goa




Jun 2009 – Dec 2015 India

Instructor of robotics and embedded systems at Inventrom, India.

Conducted workshops in robotics, embedded systems, MATLAB, and Octave for engineering students.

Conducted workshops on Raspberry Pi for professionals from Tata Consultancy Services and Persistent Systems and students from BITS Pilani and IIT Roorkee,

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